Toddler Time: Pipe Cleaners and Colanders


It’s funny how quickly I’d forgotten a toddler’s need for constant stimulation. Getting school work done with the kids while simultaneously giving Des the attention he needs has become a major challenge. As I find handy antidotes I thought I’d share them with you. These are not crafts, heck they barely classify as activities! They are simply a means to occupy a toddler’s time.

First up, pipe cleaners and colanders. We cut our pipe cleaners in half to make them shorter and more manageable. Next grab a colander-or steam basket-and in case you hadn’t already found out, items from the kitchen mesmerize toddlers…I swear.  Now show your little one how to put the pipe cleaners through the holes.

It might take them a while to get it, that’s kinda the point. They might start playing with it in other ways, again, kinda the point. Des actually flipped the basket over and started putting the pipe cleaners in and out and then back in. Just let them have fun and if you’re a homeschooler take this time to help the older children how to figure out predicate nominatives.


NOTE: Des would chew on barbed wire if we gave it to him so his pacifier stays in his mouth much more than I’d like it to and definitely when we bring the pipe cleaners out. That’d be a Dr.’s visit I would NOT want to explain. Anyway, you know your kids, if they’re prone to sticking things in their mouths be careful with the pipe cleaners.



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