Lucky Seven Bingo! Printable Game and an Announcement

Guess what? I am now a part of the 2015 PSA Stamp Camp Design Team! Like their website explains, the PSA in PSA Essentials doesn’t stand for Public Service Announcement but P-Paper, S-Stamps, and A-Accessories. In addition to custom self-inking stamps, embossers, and stationery kits, PSA Essentials holds the patent for “PEEL & STICK® technology.” I don’t even know where to begin trying to describe this concept. It’s genius and the thrifter in me loves it for its practicality and usefulness. Be sure to visit the About PSA Essentials page for all the details.

To start things off I really just wanted to play around with the stamps, practice lining them up, using the tools, and switching out the ink cartridges. Since Esther has been reviewing her seven addition facts I figured why not make a Bingo game?
  • Lucky Seven Bingo! Printable
  • Stamper
  • Alignment Tool
  • Centering Block
  • Black and Lime Ink Pads
  • PSA Essentials PEEL & STICK Happy Holidays and Vanilla Numbers Die
Counting by sevens is a basic lesson that once mastered makes reading a calendar much easier. It’s also a requirement for this game!

What I did was print out the Bingo sheet and practice stamping the numbers inside the boxes using the alignment tool and then by eye. Once I was finished I let the kids embellish their sheets with the Shamrock die from the Happy Holidays Set and markers.

Ahem, I might have stuck my finger directly onto the ink pad a time or two and smudged my fingerprints all over my die! Don’t ask, I don’t know what I was doing either. Now I can switch out an ink pad and a stamp like a pro, but you’ll see from the kids papers I had a few smudges along the way.

CHEAT SHEET: In case you don’t want to do the math, these are the numbers you’ll need to fill your boxes, 9-19. Be sure to mix them up and make each sheet different! Use pennies as your markers, or if the kids ask nicely, candies!

I have to confess for the longest time I thought of stamps as tools scrap-bookers used, not plain old crafters like myself. What was I thinking? There are limitless projects to be made and I can’t wait to get started sharing them with you!


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