No Ugly Ornament 2014 Wrap-Up

No, I’m not on holiday yet! Like many of you, in the minutes I’m not rushing around, finishing DIY gifts, school work, recitals, scouting parties, baking, and roller derby (What, am I the only one with scrimmages on their calendar?), I’m attempting to keep all the mundane day to day things going. Thankfully I have finished the majority of my shopping but I still need to wrap up that closet worth of gifts.

When it comes time for the gift wrapping my crunchy side comes out, if I can’t wrap it up in cloth I reach for the packing paper I’ve saved up over the year. The only problem is that while plain craft paper has a simple chic-ness about it, it still needs a little pick-me-up! Ornaments are great at doing double duty in this department; they dress up your presents and make great keepsakes for those you are gifting.

Below are ornaments from this year’s NOU Challenge, all of which will look just as lovely under the tree as they do on it!

  1. Wire Ribbon Ornaments
  2. 3D Paper Ornaments
  3. Christmas Vacation Ornament
  4. CRAFT FAIL: Ballerina Silhouette Pick
  5. Ballerina Slipper Ornament
  6. Clothespin Ballerina Ornament
  7. Wood Bead Ornaments
  8. Rolled Magazine Ornaments
  9. Painted Feather Ornaments
  10. Glittered Leaf Ornaments
  11. Pipe Cleaner Elves



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