Glittered Leaf Ornaments

Remember last week when I kept going on and on about nature themed décor and altering natural elements? Yeah, I’m at it again.

Earlier this fall I picked up a package of flat leaves at the Dollar Store thinking they’d be perfect for crafting – and they are, but I didn’t think the first project I’d be sharing with you would be a Christmas ornament!

  • fake leaves
  • white paint
  • liquid glue (school glue or Mod Podge)
  • glitter
  • Christmas ornament hooks


I was worried that the color of the leaves would take away from the glitter so I starting things off by applying a white basecoat.

Basecoat #ornaments #glitter #crafts #kidscrafts
Once they were dry we went heavy on the glue, I didn’t want to end up with another fail.

Loaduponglue #ornaments #glitter #crafts #kidscrafts
Next came the glitter! Many times I have expressed my disdain for glitter but I have to admit, I’m finally starting to come around, especially when I use this super fine variety by Martha Stewart.

Sprinkletheglitter #ornaments #glitter #crafts #kidscrafts
Hang to dry.

Hangtodry #ornaments #glitter #crafts #kidscrafts
Poke the hook through the leaf and your ready for hanging on the tree. Note: I originally tried to punch a hole into the leave so I could use string to hang it but it didn’t work out which is why I went with the metal hooks instead.

Addhookforhanging #ornaments #glitter #crafts #kidscrafts
A simple way to add color and shine to your tree this year, Glittered Leaf Ornaments!

vanityglitteredleaves #crafts #glitter #ornaments



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