DIY Gift Idea: Embroidery Floss Washer Earrings

Making jewelry has always intimidated me, thankfully these earrings can be put together in a pinch and make for a perfect gift, Just think of the possibilities, you could use school colors, give it a holiday theme, go ombre, or keep it simple and go all black! 

These earrings have become my newest crafting obsession! I want to make a pair for me, my daughter, my sister, etc.. I tried out a couple different methods and because a picture sometimes explains it better than my words can the following tutorial is, um, very visual.

This was the first technique is below, it creates a looser earrings meaning the washers twist easily.

Technique two, below, created a much tighter earring, the washers barely moved. However, it was hard to cover the connections. While I preferred technique one my daughter liked the second better, go figure.

Whichever technique you chose when it comes time to connect the actual earring all I did was tie it on. Just be sure that if your earring has a ‘back’ side you tie the earring on so that it will hang correctly.

I can’t wait to make more of these as Christmas gifts! I’m thinking we might also have to make a necklace or two!



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