Craft FAIL – Dance Ornament

I’ve always been forthcoming that not all the ornaments we make actually end up on our tree. This one…well, I think it may hang out in a houseplant or become a cat toy.

My daughter’s love of all things dance has been growing over the last year so my plan was to spend this week making ballet inspired ornaments. I’ve always loved the dancer silhouette ornaments but I wanted to make it different by turning it into a pick instead of an ornament so it’d look like she was dancing up the tree. It makes sense right? It was a good enough idea, and it may still can be. My execution however was pitiful. I’m so disappointed. Let’s take a look at what went wrong and where.

Gluebrushstrokesugh #craft fail #ornaments #dance #NUO2014
When I brushed on the Mod Podge I could clearly see the giant brushstrokes but thought, “the glitter will hide it.”

Glueinginthepick  #craft fail #ornaments #dance #NUO2014
Gluing my skewer/pick in was actually the one thing that went okay.

toomuchtulle  #craft fail #ornaments #dance #NUO2014
But the skirt, that big, crazy, bit of tulle was just too much. I tried trimming it but it still looked as if she had it pulled up to her armpits.

I hadn’t given up at this point. I convinced myself that maybe if I took it outside I could perform some kind of magical photography that would make all its flaws disappear.

Myheadismeltingglitter  #craft fail #ornaments #dance #NUO2014
I was wrong…is her head melting glitter? I hadn’t even seen that! Okay, back inside, yeah…maybe stuck in a houseplant?

glueskirt  #craft fail #ornaments #dance #NUO2014
The glow of glue in her tu-tu made me see the light. This was a fail.



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