Printable Halloween Banner

Nothing pulls a look together as well as a banner and with the help of Jen Goode, I was able to complete our Halloween display using a page from her Halloween Printables set.

Let’s just be honest, I never seem to have a color cartridge in my printer, and when I do it gets used within a day or two. For that reason, I tend to shy away from online printable sites, which is a shame because they can make so many projects so much easier. Thankfully, nearly half of the designs Jen created as part of her Halloween set are black and white. (Erin quietly cheers in her grayscale world!) For now, I’ve made the doll-sized banner and used it to round out our holiday scene, but there are a couple more projects on my to-do list. The BOO Sign and Poem, for instance, you’ll want to be sure to visit her site to see the activity attached to that one-you’ll get a kick out of it for sure!

Here’s how I made the banner featured above.


Like I mentioned before Jen has a number of free images for you to use this Halloween, here are six of the black and white pages available. For this project I used page #5.

After I printed my page I colored it in using sharpies and then got busy with the scissors.

HalloweenPrintables1 #printable #fall #Halloween
Next up I measured and drew another set of triangles on the scrapbook paper that were half an inch larger than the printable. Then I cut them out and glued both sets together.

HalloweenPrintables2 #printable #fall #Halloween
To attach them to the string I thought about using a hole punch but decided the tape would work better and make it easier to hang the banner.

Halloween Printables3 #printable #fall #Halloween
Hanging it up was the hardest part. I wanted to drape it across a mirror, the kids wanted it on the piano, but in the end it was hung with the rest of this year’s Halloween creations on the bookshelf.

HalloweenPrintableBanner #printable #fall #Halloween
I hope you enjoyed this project-I know it reminded me that sometimes I can rely on the DIY work of someone else and just hit the print button! All this week 100 Directions and 30 Minute Crafts will be sharing other projects using this set of Halloween Printables, be sure to stop by and see what everyone’s made!


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