How to Make a Vincent van Gogh Self Portrait Costume

Looking for a clever artsy costume for this Halloween? Why not become a self-portrait of everyone's favorite tortured artist, Vincent van Gogh?

I actually got this idea from a picture on Buzzfeed and thought since I have a red-headed Vincent in the house I had to give it a try! Unfortunately, working with a boy who just wanted to go outside meant this was a rushed job, but the basic technique is still there and I hope you can see how it can be used to create other looks. (For example, you could use shades of brown accented with bright orange to create a werewolf or shades of grey and blue for an extra creepy vampire.)

To create the look you'll need:

  • facepaint (I used the #TulipBodyArt Neon and Black Light set)
  • chalk
  • button-up shirt
  • picture frame

I hope you find this tutorial inspiring and maybe I'll get my red-headed (and bearded) husband to give it a try for Halloween if so I'll be sure to share a picture!

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