Homemade Laundry Soap Mason Jar Gift

When I find something that has worked for my family I’m always eager to share it and what better way to do that than by giving it as a gift! Sure, laundry soap isn’t your typical present but paired with a set of wool dryer balls it’s a thoughtful gift anyone who's been knee-deep in dirty clothes can appreciate! 

As for the recipe, I have a large family and more than one of us has sensitive skin. In an effort to save money and combat rashes, I’ve tried a fair share of detergents, after making a few adjustments to this soap recipe - namely omitting the baking soda and regularly switching between Fels Naptha and Zote soap, we’ve finally settled on the perfect combination!

Here’s everything you’ll need to make this practical gift!

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I can’t mention the supplies that go into actually making the soap without also giving you a rundown of cost!
  • $1.94     2 bars of Fels Naptha soap (You can usually get 2 bars of the Zote for just $.99.)
  • $3.97      1 55oz box of Borax
  • $3.97      1 55oz box of Super Washing Soda
  • $2.74      3lbs of Oxi Cleaner (I bought a 6lb container of the Sun brand for $5.47.)
  • $8.96      1 55oz container of Purex Crystals
Total: $21.58 In our house one batch can last anywhere from 3 to 4 months, definitely a money saver! You’ll also need:
  • Pint Mason jars
  • kraft label paper
  • scrapbooking paper
  • ribbons
  • glue dot runner
  • scissors and/or paper cutter


First, make your soap  – Instructions are on the labels below and be sure to read the tips I’ve also posted! When you’re done it’s time to decorate your Mason jar and anything goes! I used scrapbooking paper to cover an old lid, and for the ring a glue runner to attach a ribbon. For fun, I also added a bit of pom-pom string I had!

Decoratingthelid #masonjargifts #laundrysoap #DIYsoap
Print off and attach one of these labels.

laundrysoaplabelspage #laundrysoaplabels
Aren’t they spiffy? I printed mine on kraft paper labels and YES, it is a small type but they’ll fit on a pint and you can always stick it in/on a card instead of the jar. P.S. There is no need to check the fit to page option when printing. 

LabelonJar #MasonJarGifts #DIYlaundrysoap
Bag it or wrap it, slap it with a gift tag and you’re all done!

LaundrySoapGiftJar #DIY #soaprecipes #masonjarcrafts
I have some friends who shy away from making things like this but it’s really easy; here are a few tips to help you!

  1. Microwave your soap! Cut it up into pieces and nuke it for Mixoutside #laundrysoap #DIY #homemade #soaprecipes #masonjargifts30 seconds at a time. After all the moisture’s been radiated out of them they crumble right up, saving you the hassle of grating it. 
  2. Layer your ingredients! It seems obvious but the first couple times I completely forgot making the mixing process excessively laborious.
  3. Kitty litter containers make wonderful storage/mixing containers! When you pour boxes and boxes of powder you create clouds of chemicals. To keep them under control I hold the lid of the kitty litter container closed while I pour.
  4. Weather permitting – Mix Outside! Again with the clouds of chemicals, seriously, if you can’t work outside make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area and there aren’t any little people around.
  5. Purex lids = measuring spoon! Yep, the Purex lids hold a little more than 2 TBSP of soap making them perfect little measuring spoons.
  6. Put it in the drum! Don’t even mess with figuring out where or when to add your soap. Just put it into the washing drum and then add your clothes.

For more great Mason Jar gift ideas be sure to visit Angie over at the Country Chic Cottage all week long as she shares and spotlights a number of awesome projects for you to make and give this year!


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