Face Painting: Comic Book Villain Harley Quinn

Special thanks to I Love to Create for the paints used in this video!

When it comes to superheroes we're a Batman family! Or maybe I should say we’re fans of ALL the Batman characters. Since last Christmas when she spied Harley Quinn in one of her brother’s comics, my daughter has been asking to be her for Halloween. Though I really wanted to get creative with all the colors in these paint sets (especially the shimmers – they’d be perfect for the character Poison Ivy) it is HER Halloween costume!

facepaints from I Love to Create

To create Quinn you'll start off by painting a mask, the paint instructions said to avoid use around the eyes which actually worked out well because in many of Quinn's images her mask doesn't cover the entire eye.

AFTER your mask is done carefully trace the lips with the black. If you look on the side of this video there are probably many other comic book videos and nearly ALL the female characters' lips are outlined in black. If you wanted you could also draw a thin black line along the jaw to also help recreate that comic book style.

Finally, blend white paint across the rest of the face, just be careful around the black mask you just painted!

Now you’re ready to make trouble!

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