Tin Can Creatures: Frankenstein

A couple weeks ago I shared how to make these Tin Can Pumpkins on Create.Craft.Love. and the more I looked at them, sitting all alone, I thought that they could use a little company! We’re up to four creatures in our creepy tin can town but for now I just want to show you had we made our Francanstein.

Just squeaking in under the Craft Lightning 15 minute time limit, Franky is a great ‘green’ (Get it, cause he’s green and it’s a way to re-use a can…oh, I know it’s corny, just indulge me!) craft! I was a little surprised it took me as long as it did but it’s probably because I wasn’t happy with my first face and decided to spin him around and re-do it! Now that I look at them both maybe that original wasn’t that bad, I’ll let you decide. On to the project!

  • tin can
  • paint  (green and black)
  • paintbrush
  • googly eyes
  • black felt
  • hot glue and gun

Start off by painting your can green. It should only take about five minutes and if you use a sponge brush should dry relatively quick.

While you wait cut out a rough circle of black felt about one inch larger than the can lid. If you want to add an eyebrow go ahead and cut another strip of felt half an inch wide and two to three inches long.

Finally cut a wine cork in half. Once your can had dried it’s time to play Dr. Frankenstein and start putting your little monster together.

tincanfrankensteinhair #fall #Halloween #crafts
I started with the hair, put a generous about of hot glue on the felt, especially around the outside, and then secure it over the bottom of the can.

Frakensteineyes @mvemother #fall #crafts #Halloween
Next add your eyes, eyebrow, and bolts. The smile can be a little tricky and as you can see in the first picture below I had a hard time with it so I scrapped it and went with a crooked smile instead (and no eyebrow).

tincanfrankensteineyebrow #fall #Halloween #crafts
tincanfrankesteincrookedsmile #fall #Halloween #crafts
There ya go! A cute tin can monster to add to your Halloween d├ęcor!

TincanFranky #fall #Halloween #crafts
30 Minute Crafts and The Country Chic Cottage will be sharing Craft Lightning Projects like this one all week long, be sure to stop by and be inspired!

ALSO! Come back here this Wednesday when I’ll be making two more creatures to add to your spooky collection!


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