CraftasticTV: Felt Straw Flowers

The past six months have been filled with new adventures, one of which is Craftastic TV!  It's a new site spotlighting crafty videos from a collection of creative folks and I'm going to be regular contributor! For my first project I'm sharing how to make these quick and easy felt straw flowers.

It doesn’t take much to turn a few sheets of felt into a fun and colorful flower you can incorporate into your next decorating or DIY project. With a stack of scraps, and not quite an hour, this old wreath was brought out of retirement and transformed! Best of all, since all the supplies are craft stash staples, it didn’t cost a thing!

Supplies Needed
• Felt
• Fabric glue
• Scissors


  1. Those little flowers are craftastic and you explained beautifully and simply how to make them. It would be cute to use them just for a simple daisy chain garland on something.


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