Grandparent’s Day Gift Idea: Personalized Magnets and Cards

The first Sunday after Labor Day is a special day; it’s National Grandparent’s Day! I’m so thankful to have parents who are active in my kids’ lives and having a day to show our gratitude is a great excuse to craft! Hopefully this time I’ll remember when the day comes and get these cards delivered. As I’ve mentioned before I can be forgetful.

This year we’re making these terribly cute, personalized magnets and cards. The kids had a blast putting these together and hopefully, yours will too!

  • craft foam
  • yarn
  • plastic needles
  • markers
  • googly eyes
  • scissors
  • glue

Start off by cutting circles out of the foam for faces. From there I let the kids use the supplies to create caricatures of their grandparents!

GrandparentsDayCraft1 #crafting #kidscraft #grandparentsday
We used the needles and yarn to make loopy curly hair for the Namas. For the Pawpaws we put a layer of glue on the foam and then laid strips of yarn across it. After the glue dried we gave them haircuts. Because we all know that Pawpaw S gets his haircut regularly on Saturday mornings.

GrandparentsDayCraft4 #crafting #kidscraft #grandparentsday
GrandparentsDayCraft5 # craftfoam #crafting #kidscraft #grandparentsday
The googly eyes were adorned with marker-drawn eyeglasses, and strips of red and white foam made fun mouths complete with Chiclet-like teeth.

GrandparentsDayCraft6 #crafting #kidscraft #grandparentsday
Once the glue dried on the front, I hot glued strips of magnet to the back of the faces. Then I took a little bit of double-sided tape and attached them to the cards (white cardstock folded in half).

A little help was needed with the spelling but not with finishing up our little grandparents! Inside the cards, we wrote personalized messages, along with a note that the faces were actually magnets. Not that I imagine the kids won’t tell them!


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