Felt Flower Wall Art

Who doesn’t love a challenge? This week 20 bloggers and I were put to the test by Consumer Crafts (who sponsored and provided supplies for this post) to create basic craft, kid’s craft, and jewelry projects with one caveat, each had to cost under $10. Keeping it within the budget was easy, perusing Consumer Crafts and trying to decide what to create…that was the hard part! There were so many affordable choices I had a hard time picking just one.

When we moved into the addition, many months ago, most of the walls in the house were stripped bare as we played musical bedrooms. We’ve been here for six years so everyone was ready for the change of scenery and eager to put a personal touch on their new rooms. Our one and only daughter is an undeniable tomboy, but she also loves all things feminine. After tossing around a variety of ideas, all of which were saturated in purple and pink, she mentioned flowers and well, this is what we came up with!

VIDEO UPDATE & CORRECTION: Essie is okay and all 21 of the crafts making up the #CraftsUnder10HOA week are less than $10 NOT, I repeat, NOT 10 minutes. Sorry about that, I was a bit distracted.

#FeltFlower #homedecor #crafting

Finding personalized home d├ęcor can get very expensive that’s why I’m so pleased with the results of this project! At $7.50/each these flowers are definitely budget-friendly and beg to be made in multiples! Here’s a quick rundown of supplies-with links, as promised. Remember, I’m assuming everyone has a glue gun and scrap material, flannel works best but any will do.


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