Garden Party Craft Ideas #PartyCraftHOA

As mentioned, this week I’m taking part in a series of Crafty Hangouts featuring labels provided by Online Labels. Here are five projects that can be tailored to fit any upcoming get together! In addition, be sure to read below to find out how you can enter to win one of three $100 gift cards!

If you just watched the video I know what you’re thinking…this should’ve been entitled No Printer Needed Party Crafts! I have to admit the more I played with the labels the more I realized my ideas were only limited by my imagination! Online Labels has such a wide array of shapes and colors you really don’t need a printer to create customized, one of a kind party supplies. Here’s a quick rundown of the projects featured in the hangout and the supplies you need to create them for yourself.


Garland, Straws, and Flowers
I sandwiched pastel yellow butterfly labels onto the straws to turn a rather ho-hum party supply into something more festive and fun. I did the same with a length of baker’s twine to create a butterfly garland which can be used to decorate a number of ways.

For my serving dishes, I dotted the middle of the scalloped labels turning them into simple flowers used to continue the garden theme and color scheme.

Silverware Holders and Cups
These two projects were my favorites! For the cups I used various techniques to paint the decorative labels, you really should check out the video for this one. Here’s a tip, this would also be a great way to personalize canning labels, speaking of which, wouldn’t a jar of jam be a perfect party favor?

I’m always thankful when I go to a party and the silverware is neatly wrapped up in a napkin, it makes navigating a buffet, usually with children, that much simpler.  To create these silverware holders I used this graphic from The Graphics Fairy printed on the arched labels. In keeping with the color pattern, a bit of yellow was sponge painted around the edges of the label. The silverware was wrapped in a napkin and held together with a label. (Yep, this is the ONLY project that required the use of a printer!)

We always associate fall with harvesting but let’s face it summer is when our gardens really start producing. Herbs, zucchini, cucumbers, and beans are in abundance this time of year making it the perfect season, and reason, to get together, share and celebrate what we’ve grown. 

This post is sponsored by Online Labels but the crafts and opinions shared are my own.


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