Camp Craft: Leaf Jewelry

Maybe it starts raining, maybe kids are complaining they’re bored, or perhaps you just want a moment when everyone is sitting in one place! Whatever the reason when you go camping, bringing along a craft may seem like a hassle or one more thing to pack, but it will be a sanity saver halfway through your trip! Leaf jewelry is an excellent project for both girls and boys that requires little, celebrates nature, and doesn’t make a mess!

Gathering supplies to make leaf jewelry lets little hands get out and explore the nature around them, as well as providing the perfect opportunity to warn and educate them of poisonous plants, and it is the most time-consuming aspect of this CRAFT LIGHTNING! Project.

  • twine
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • leaves

#campcraft Leaf Jewelry #naturecraft  #kidsactivity #kidscraft
Gather your supplies, we found small waxy leaves, but any that are still alive and pliable will work.

#campcraft Prepping the leaves  #kidsactivity #kidscraft
Fold your leaf in half along its spine, use the punch to make two holes.

#campcraft Stringing on the leaves #kidsactivity #kidscraft
Weave your twine through the holes.

#campcraft Working together #craftlighning
Work together, and once it’s done, adorn yourself! 

#campcraft #naturecraft Leaf Jewelry  #kidsactivity #kidscraft
I helped tie the bracelet on my daughter, at which time my son decided the necklace would make a suitable headband proving this craft is fun for both girls and boys! Be sure to visit 30 Minute Crafts and The Country Chic Cottage this week during their Craft Lightning Camp Craft Series where every project takes 15 minutes or less!


  1. Such a great idea and so simple!

  2. I gasped when I saw this - such a simple idea, and it turned out so stunning!


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