Teacher Appreciation Gift: Magnetic Desk Caddie

About this time last year I shared this pretty awesome, teacher appreciation gift idea over at Keeping It Simple Crafts. Since I'm the teacher in this house I got to keep my caddie in fact I still have it sitting on my desk! Hope you enjoy it and remember to make one for yourself!

This Magnetic Desk Caddie is a great way for your favorite teacher to keep together, all the little things that keep her together. The can itself holds clothespin magnets on the outside and pens, pencils, and paperclips on the inside!

My Very Educated Mother's Magnetic Desk Caddie #teacherappreciation #desk #magnetic
  • tin can
  • clothespins
  • paperclips
  • washi tape
  • paint
  • magnetic roll
  • scissors
I’m sure most of you crafty folk can look at the pictures and figure out what I’ve done to create this caddie so I’m not going to insult you with too many details.

I started off by taking my can and sponging it with a coat of DecoArt’s Patio Paint.

Next I measured a piece of the magnet and placed it along the rim of the inside of the can. The second photo is a little blurry, it was hard to get a good picture inside the can.

Magnetic Desk Caddie @mvemother #recyclecraft #magnetic #teachergift #teacherappreciation #crafting

Magnetic Desk Caddie 2  @mvemother #recyclecraft #magnetic #teachergift #teacherappreciation #crafting
From here on out it got fun and even easier! I used the washi tape to make both clothespin magnets and a couple of different styles of decorative paper clips.

With the first ones I just pulled the tape through the clip, folded it onto itself, and then cut the top with pinking shears. For the second clips I folded a four inch strip of washi onto itself lengthwise to make a kind of ribbon. Then I used the handy dandy magnus hitch to tie the washi to the clip. What’s a magnus hitch? It’s a knot I never knew the name of until I looked up, see here.

Magnetic Desk Caddie 3  @mvemother #recyclecraft #magnetic #teachergift #teacherappreciation #crafting
Magnetic Desk Caddie 4
For the clothespins I taped a piece of washi along one side of the pin and magnet along the other. I did have a bit of trouble with the magnet being wider than the clip. So…I wrapped a couple more pieces of washi along the exposed sides of the magnet.

Minus drying time it took me less than 30 minutes to make this gift and it used supplies most of us have in our crafty stashes! I hope you like it!

Magnetic Desk Caddie 5  @mvemother #recyclecraft #magnetic #teachergift #teacherappreciation #crafting


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