How to Plant Asparagus Crowns

It has begun. For many experienced gardeners the growing season is well underway but for this kinda-sorta newbie it’s just started with the planting of one of our spring time favorites, asparagus.
Nate and I have talked about growing these delectable stalks for some time now. Last year I even grabbed a package of seeds but they never made it into the ground. The first thing to know about growing asparagus is that it takes time to establish before you can harvest it. Think a couple years at least. So when I spotted these crowns on a recent trip to Baker’s Creek Seed down in Mansfield, MO I snatched them right up eager to have even the littlest of head starts.
#gardening Planting Asparagus
Since asparagus is a perennial and known to take over an area, it took a bit of time to decide where we wanted to plant them. Meanwhile the crowns started sprouting out on their own so this past weekend we finally got them in the ground.
It’s no wonder gardening and parenting are often compared. A new plant in the garden is just like a new baby in the house. I’m constantly anxious and spend hours tediously studying everything I can do to ensure that both the baby and plant turn out as healthy as possible. This is my drawn out way of telling you that I read countless websites on how to plant asparagus but what it all comes down to is common sense so don’t let it intimidate you.
The asparagus crowns need to be planted like any other crown. You start off by digging a trench about 12 inches deep or deeper depending on the size of the roots. Inside the trench build up a mound of dirt mixed with compost and/or fertilizer. 
#gardening Planting Asparagus -digging the trench[4]
It’s hard to tell from the picture below but the point of the mound inside the trench is to provide a sort of platform to place the crown on so that the roots spread out and down from it.
#gardening Placing the Asparagus in the trench
This one is a little better.
#gardening Planting Asparagus Crowns
Once you’ve got all the crowns in place cover them completely, tap down the soil, and water.
#gardening Planting Asparagus 2

We had a couple sprouts poke through but I’m not too worried about it.
And that’s it…pretty simple huh?
So what kind of plants are you planning to grow this year?
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  1. I've never grown asparagus. It has always seemed too complicated, but I trust you if you say it's doable. I have a thing for growing pumpkins. I don't need them, but I love them.


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