Craft Lightning: All Stitched Up Heart Pockets

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and even with our household in full baby mode there are still parties to prepare for before the baby gets here and I’m looking for quick and easy! Of course, I turned to the kids to ask them what they wanted to make. I wish I could take credit for this craft but it was completely the brainchild of my own little girl.

  • felt
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • thread and embroidery floss
  • needle
  • candy or other treats!


To start off I cut folded a couple pieces of felt and cut out two hearts. The size is really up to you and dependent on what you are putting in your pockets. Just be sure that the two hearts are equal in size.

Make a quick snip in the middle of one of the hearts.

Sew the two hearts together with the sewing machine. I tried to use a decorative stitch but it didn’t turn out so great. When I make more I’ll stick with a simple stitch and then use the pinking shears to even everything out.

#Valentine'sDay #KidsCraft
Stuff your heart with goodies and then start sewing it up with the floss! Again, because I literally only have 15 minutes to get this project done I didn’t do as great a job as I’d want. Ideally you’d want to leave a bit of string so that you could easily untie it and get to the treats inside. Since these two are for my kids they’ll just have to break out the scissors!

  #Valentine'sDay #Hearts #Crafts
This was a super quick and easy project and we’ll probably be making more for upcoming Valentine parties! If you’re looking for more great, QUICK Valentine’s crafts be sure to visit Angie at the Country Chic Cottage or Carolina at the 30 Minute Crafts. They’re rounding up this week’s Craft Lightning projects every evening!


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