DIY Wrapping Paper

I’m feeling a bit wordless but wanted to share this great, recycled project the kids and I worked on so after a quick intro I’m going to let the pictures do the talking! -Erin

I save packing materials, just in case I might need it within the next couple years, and bubble wrap aside I love when I get boxes filled with large sheets of brown craft paper! A blank page is a blank page and when I look at those big sheets of paper I get gitty thinking about the crafty possibilities! But I’m in a purging/start new/clean out the closet phase and so this year we’re finally using my stash of paper to make our own wrapping paper by using paint sponges and a printmaking technique I shared over at Creative Cynchronicity this past summer. Here’s a photo rundown of how things went.

1 Printmaking for DIY Wrapping Paper #kidscraft #greencrafting #recylingpaper #DIYwrappingpaper
2 Loading up the paint on the prints #kidscraft #greencrafting #recylingpaper #DIYwrappingpaper
3 Shiny Happy People Print #kidscraft #greencrafting #recylingpaper #DIYwrappingpaper
4 Let the stamping begin #kidscraft #greencrafting #recylingpaper #DIYwrappingpaper
#DIY Wrapping Paper #kidscraft #greencrafting


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