No Ugly Ornament Series Day 4 Wrap Up

I can’t believe the week is almost over! I hope you’ve been enjoying the series, here are the ornaments from today!

I can not tell you how many times I’ve seen bells and ornaments like this in thrift stores but walked away because, what was there to do with them? This is what you do with them! You take a tip from Pet Scribbles and give them a Christmas Ornament Makeover.

Painted Christmas Glass Ornament

I have thought about making Painted Ornaments like these with the kids on numerous occasions but I’m so glad that Barb was real about the process in her post. At least I know now that it might take a while and I’ll probably have to have the kids work on more than one at a time!

#NUO2013 Faux Porcelain Ornaments

As I was looking over my Faux Porcelain Ornament post from this morning and realized I completely forgot to say that I tied a red ribbon to these flowers to make them into hanging ornaments. I also considered wrapping them onto a skewer with floral tape to make a spike for the tree.

Tomorrow’s the last day of the No Ugly Ornament Series, be sure to stop by we’ve got a full lineup to wrap things up!

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