Grain, Seed, and Spice Filled Bottles

A while back I cleaned out my pantry and found entirely too many half-filled bags of rice and beans, shamefully out of date spices, and bottles of Torani with less than a teaspoon of syrup in them. Up until this past weekend I had then everything sitting in a “should just throw it away but can’t” pile on my kitchen counter. I was sure the kids and I could make some kind of art project with them. Hmm, what could I make with this stuff? It took me a couple of weeks of staring at the two items, sitting side by side, before I finally realized I should just put them together, duh. So we did!

BottleArtProjectwithSeeds #holidaycrafting #giftidea #kidscraftBottleArtProjectwithSpices  #recycledcraft #holidaycrafting #giftidea #kidscraft

It’s funny how the simplest things can turn into a fun, learning experience. The kids tried to figure out the best way to layer everything and noticed how the spices settled around the beans when you tapped the bottle on the table. They also had fun smelling and touching everything. So, the next time you’re cleaning out your pantry don’t throw away those grains, seeds, or spices!

When you’re making these bottles it’s also amazing how quickly they turn into seriously cool pieces of art perfect to decorate with or even give great gift ideas for the kids to make!

Grain, Seed, and Spice BottleArtProject #recycledcraft #holidaycrafting #giftidea #kidscraft

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