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Washi Tape Frame

Have you ever received a promotional item that you like but you’d actually use if it wasn’t plastered with a brand name? I found myself in that position with a picture frame that I really liked the shape of but I hated the logo right in the middle of it. SO, I brought out the washi tape and had a little fun!

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I used an X-acto knife to trim the edges and after I finished the frame I let the kids play with the washi to make a picture to fill it!

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#washitape #fun #kidscrafts via My Very Educated Mother

I’m considering using the frame as a dry erase board the kids can use to write the date on during our lessons. Or I could put a picture in it…eventually!

#washitape via My Very Educated Mother

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  1. You have a lot of washi tape! That's a good use for it. I have just a little bit and I keep thinking of new things to tape it onto! But I haven't yet. :)


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