Kids Craft: Fall Trees and Colorful Leaves

This is a great fall project to make with the kids because they get to use a part of themselves and it can easily turn into a full-fledged Art lesson. Introduce the students to the ideas behind Pointillism and artists, such as Seurat, who successfully used dots to create amazing works of Art.


  • good quality paper to handle a bit of paint
  • paint (red, yellow, and blue can be combined to create any number of colors)
  • cotton swabs
  • pencil & crayons
Start off by tracing your hand and arm. Be sure to line them up on the page. Once done color in with crayons.
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The fun part comes next, just get busy using the cotton swab to create dots…I mean leaves.
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Fall is such a great time to have fun and get creative!
Hope you enjoy this craft and be sure to stop by for more ideas!


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