Kids Craft: Corn on the Cob

Last week our local homeschooling co-op kicked off and this semester I’m teaching an art/crafting class for the second time, yay. I love introducing the little ones to different artists but this time I gave them the choice, Art or Crafts. The younger group chose Crafts and the older kids picked Art… thankfully. Coming up with two schedules was a little bit of a challenge, there were so many ideas to consider!

For our first craft, we made these cute and fun Corn on the Cobs. I liked that this craft required the kids to be careful with their gluing, though it was hard to keep them from eating the popcorn!

  • toilet paper rolls
  • green construction paper (In the pictures we used corrugated cardboard but the construction paper worked much better or you can cut pictures of greenery from magazines.)
  • popcorn
  • glue
  • scissors

We started out by cutting our green leaves then we glued two of them to our toilet paper rolls.

CornCraft3 #KidsCraft #Corn #FallCrafts
Once that was done we started gluing on our popcorn.

CornCraft5 #KidsCraft #Corn #FallCrafts
Tip: It may seem easier to coat the roll with glue and then stick on the popcorn but it isn’t. Instead try gluing each piece individually and don’t be afraid to push it down!

CornCraft4 #KidsCraft #Corn #FallCrafts
That’s all there is to it! I had really hoped this would take at least 45 minutes (at home it did because the kids took their time gluing one piece of popcorn at a time) but most of the kids were done within 30. Oh, well there’s always next week!

  CornCraft6 #KidsCraft #Corn #FallCrafts


  1. Those are so freakin' cute! You could paste wadded up colored tissue paper balls in between the popcorn and make indian corn. Your baby is cute!


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