Kids Craft: Spice Drawing

I recently read an article that said an entirely embarrassing amount of grown Americans actually believe that Columbus set out to prove the world was round and happened to find the Americas. Ugh, I’m hoping all my readers know that Columbus, like most explorers of his time, was in search of a western trade route to India and China. And to recognize Columbus Day this year I decided to forgo the usual ‘ship’ crafts well kind of…we are coloring ships BUT in a nod to the spice routes Columbus and others were in search of, we raided the pantry for our paints.

  • Coloring Page
  • glue
  • paintbrushes
  • spices (I would suggest cinnamon or other milder scents you don’t mind smelling for a few days.)

For our coloring page I went online and picked the simplest image I could find. Unless you have older kids I would recommend you do the same. There are a ton of sites out there, let your kids have hand in the selection.

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Use the paint brush to put glue on one section of the picture at a time.

#ColumbusDay #KidsCraft
Sprinkle spices over the glue. Then move onto the next part of the image.

#ColumbusDay #craftingwithkids #kidscrafts
Things may get messy but you can sweep up the mess when you’re done.

#ColumbusDay #KidsCrafts


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