Toy Review: Love Your Zelf with The Zelfs!

Disclosure: The views expressed are both mine and my daughter’s, and they are all original and truthful. We received no other compensation for this review other than the doll itzelf.

The Zelfs are one of the newest collectible dolls from Moose Toys, the same group that brought us The Trash Pack, Doctor Dreadful, Mighty Beanz, and games like The Logo Game. Emerging when the twilight moon rises, the Zelfs are from the secret garden of Zardenia where they live in their respective “fab-itats.” Each Zelf has a unique Zelfmark that represents their Zelf power and a head full of crazy hair kids can spend hours playing with and styling.

For this review we received Lunanne the moon fairy Zelf whose power is Discovery! Want to know the first thing I discovered? Even in the package my daughter loved playing with this little critter, as evident by the bent up box. I was charging my camera and wanted her to wait to open it until I could take a picture – woe, the life of a blogger’s daughter – in the mean time she walked around the house dog-earing the package the entire time.

She read the back with her brothers and almost instantly said she wanted to find Miss Clover, the ultra-rare four leaf clover Zelf that I want to find for myself, you know how I am with four leaf clovers! Finally, camera charged and pictures taken she carefully ripped into it and so began her obsession with combing its hair!

The funny thing about the Zelfs is that though they are marketed towards girls, both my sons have had fun collaberating with their sister to come up with zany hair-dos! Together they also had fun posing Lunanne around the house while they begged me to take pictures of her playing on the piano and sharing a snack.


My first reaction when I saw this doll was…it’s a troll. But after visiting the website with the kids, reading about the Zelfs, and catching dragonflies, I appreciated them so much more! The Zelfs have a great background upon which to build even more tales and adventures and my two younger kids are at the right age ( 8 & 6 years old) to let their imaginations grow and expand stories into days of play!

MOOSE TOYS - The Zelfs - Group OOP
Zelfs will be available this fall at most major toy retailers, include a charm, hair accessory and comb, and come in three sizes. Lunanne is a Medium Zelf of which there are 12 to collect, and don’t forget the elusive Clover Zelf.  If you are looking for something fun and imaginative to add to your kids toy box, look no further. Plus, when the kids aren’t playing with them you may find yourself getting all nostalgic as you braid, twirl, and comb that head full of hair! Visit The Zelfs website to learn more about these fun new toys!

Disclosure-again, in case you didn’t see the first one: I received this Zelf for review, the opinions expressed are those of my own and my daughter’s and they are honest.


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