Kids Craft: Grandparent’s Day Cards

Grandparent’s Day is one of those holidays that I usually forget about but this time it didn’t slip by me and I’m so happy the kids were able to help create a fun and ‘heartfelt’ card to say thanks for being such great grandparents!

These cards would make a perfect school project because they don’t take much to make in the way of supplies, skills, or time. You can keep them simple or you get embellish them to the max, either way you’re sure to end up with a project any grandparent would be grateful to receive.

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencils and/or pens
  • Optional: Glitter glue and stickers
Start off by folding your construction paper in half.

grandparentsdaycraft1 #kidscraft #grandparentsday #crafting
Then have the kids line their hand up so that their index finger and thumb are on the fold. (When you unfold the paper it will create a heart shape in the middle of the card.) Trace their hand and then cut it out, being careful not to cut the fold at the finger and thumb.

grandparentsdaycraft2 #kidscraft #grandparentsday #crafting
I had the kids write this little saying on the front…yes, they forgot the ‘s’ on hands but their mistake only makes it that more endearing.
Open my hands and I’ll give you my heart.
Inside the card simply reads Happy Grandparent’s Day! Love, ****. You could always have the kids add a special message inside too. I let the kids embellish their cards glitter glue, markers and stickers.

grandparentsdaycraft3 #kidscraft #grandparentsday #crafting
P.S. The kids may have just as much fun creating with the scraps of paper as they do actually making the cards.

grandparentsdaycrafting #kidscraft #grandparentsday #crafting
grandparentsdaycards (2) #kidscraft #grandparentsday #crafting
grandparentsdaycraft #kidscraft #grandparentsday #crafting


  1. Simple and yet elegant craft!
    I am definitely going to try this for the right occasion. The simplicity is important when kids who are not very fond of crafts need a quick craft activity. I generally pick one from Jumpstart Crafts, kids crafts or beautiful crafts. Thanks very much for the lovely craft idea!


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