Craft Lightning Summer Edition: Stick People Bookmarks

Summer isn’t over but I’m still eager to get in a back to school frame of mind. This year we’re kicking up our reading plans so while these bookmarks have been working hard we're going to need more! These fun stick people are functional, creative, and best of all you can make a handful in less than 15 minutes!

  • large craft sticks
  • drill
  • washi tape
  • markers
  • baker’s twine

First drill holes into the top of your sticks. Yes, my husband did it, he doesn’t trust me with the power tools…let’s not talk about it. To keep the sticks from splitting I’d recommend stacking them together before drilling.

Making Stick People Bookmarks
Now for the real fun pick your favorite tapes and wrap the stick a couple times to make s shirt and maybe three times to make a skirt or pants.

Bookmark Stick People #backtoschool #craftingwithkids #craftlightning
Next color in your faces, both Esther and mine ended up looking like the opposite of lollipop head ladies, maybe pinhead ladies instead? Vincent’s on the other hand actually look pretty cool and the man he made who was supposed to look like his father also resembles Trixie’s Dad from Mo Willem’s Knuffle Bunny books. Right?

Stick People #backtoschool #craftingwithkids #craftlightning
Finally thread the twine through the hole and you’re done!

Bookmark People #backtoschool #craftingwithkids #craftlightning
We use a lot of bookmarks and everyone wants their own thing. These are a great way for the kids to be creative and when all of these get lost (which they will) we’ll be able to through together another batch in no time.

Bookmark People Close Up #backtoschool #craftingwithkids #craftlightning


  1. These are so cute! There's a lady that gives something similar away at our summer band concerts (with ribbons attached at the end to wave along to the music). I've always wondered how she does the holes, so thanks for clearing up the mystery.


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