Pin It-Did It: Knotted Headbands

Whenever I found out I was expecting I went on a pinning spree and that is when I found this super cute T-shirt Headband. I don’t have any headbands, at least none that aren’t those really skinny elastic bands, and I have plenty of scrap t-shirts. The tutorial is a no-sew but I’m not keen on hot gluing anything I’m going to be wearing so I did make some adjustments. My notes are below!

  • The tutorial said to use 1-inch strips of a t-shirt but that ended up being way too skinny for me. I tried it with two-inch strips which were perfect for my daughter’s little head and four-inch strips for my big ole noggin.
  • Follow the rest of the instructions on the original post to tie the knot.
  • Once you’ve got your knot you’ll need to make a little tube that will end up hiding some of the other seams. I used a two-inch-wide and six-inch-long piece of jersey. Don’t forget to flip it so the seam is on the inside. 
Knottedheadbands #t-shirtcraft #recycledcraft @mvemother
  • Feed one set of ends (from the knotted piece) through the tube.
Knottedheadbands2 #sewingcraft #jerseyheadbands
  • Sew all the ends of the knotted piece together and trim the corners a bit. Then pull the tube over the edges. knottedheadbands3 #headbandcraftKnottedheadbands4

Ta-Da! I think the pictures are easier to understand than my instructions, sorry. This project took less than 15 minutes so it’s super easy and fun to through together in a jiff. Plus it’s easy to measure and cut the band to the size you need. Obviously, my daughter’s was much smaller than mine. (Only the four-inch headband is shown.)

Knottedheadbands5 #recycledcraft #tshirtheadband
What have you been pinning?


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