Headband Holder

Last Friday it was about the headband so today it’s about the headband holder. Earlier this year I shared a variation of this craft in Issue #3 of Kid’s Crafts 1-2-3. It’s super easy to make and includes a bit of recycling, which I always love and I hope you love it too.


  • large oatmeal container
  • duct tape
  • scissors


Clean out your container with a dry rag. Line the duct tape up along the seam of the container and wrap it around. Cut the strip of tape when you get back to the seam. Repeat the process until it’s all covered.

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Remember if you want to try to continue a pattern be sure to take the time to line things up and don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t turn out perfect. I had the darnedest time trying to keep this plaid pattern in check.

When you get to the bottom you can either trim your tape or just fold it onto the bottom of the container.

These oatmeal container are the perfect size for little headbands and you can use the inside to hold barrettes, bands, combs, and brushes.


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