Craft Fail: Cat Scratch Posts

I don’t know if this classifies as a craft fail or a crafty miscommunication. See, our cat is slowly pulling up the carpet on one particular step and one particular corner of the living room. Obviously, she needs a scratching post, but being the DIY and recyclin’ gal that I am I tried using materials I had on hand to create our own scratchboards. The problem is, she doesn’t seem to realize they are there for her. So she’s moved to a different step on the staircase and a different corner of the living room. Oh, well, maybe if you have a kitten who hasn’t yet experienced the joys of ripping up carpeting they might fall for this crafty alternative.

DIYCatscratchpost #catcrafts #animalcrafting #crafting #DIY #pettoysSupplies

  • random pieces of wood
  • twine
  • paper twists (yes, despite THIS and THAT I still have tons of the stuff left!)
  • staple gun


Go out to a construction site, in my case that’d be my front yard, and grab a couple pieces of scrap wood. *Eventually I will give you guys a visual tour of our construction experience.

Now staple the twine or paper on the the wood about an inch or two from the end and start wrapping. The twine will wrap much better than the stiffer paper twists.

DIYCat Scratch Post3


If you’re feeling creative, make a pattern with the twists (WooHoo only 8 rolls of it left!).

Patterned Cat Scratch Toy

Staple the ends down and use a knife to tuck in the remaining twine or paper.

DIY Cat Scratching Post

Place your new creation where the cat has been destroying your floor and pray to the feline gods that she actually uses it.

DIY Cat ScratchingPost 


  1. Cracks me up . . . I can't relate to the whole cat scratching thing, because I've not been a cat owner at any time in my life. However the craft fail . . . I get that, and it cracks me up! Good luck on your next scratching post idea . . . Because we must NEVER GIVE UP! Never surrender!!! ;)

  2. Maybe you should cover them with cheap carpet samples instead. You could do different colors in a patchwork or some other design. Good Luck.

  3. Key is to sprinkle them with catnip to get the felines attention.

  4. I can tell you why: The scratchers you made are too small, and aren't bolted down. A cat needs something that won't move around while they're scratching it, and which lets them stretch out comfortably to scratch. Try again, but make something that stays still and gives them room to stretch.


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