100 Days of Play: String Games

100 Days of Play
After spending so much of their time with me you’d think my kids would want a break, but the fact of the matter is, I’ve heard “play with me” at least 15 times a day since we’ve finished our school lessons. So that’s why I’m honored to be a contributor to the 100 Days of Play Blog Hop hosted by Rachel of SunScholars and Maggy from Life at the Zoo. Despite the millions of toys and gadgets to occupy our kids nothing holds a candle to simply playing.

String, or yarn, is something we all have on hand and when I was younger I remember playing string games with friends at school. I always thought it was both challenging and fun and really wanted my kids to give it a try. Mom’s Minivan had the best tutorials I could find that went slowly enough for us to follow along. Witch’s Broomstick is definitely where I would start. Over the course of a couple of days, both my six and seven years old were about to master it.
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We tried moving on to Jacob’s ladder but only got as far as Cat Whiskers.

From that point on I let them freestyle and they decided to try to make letters after they realized how easy it was to make a W.

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String games can be fun with all ages. For the little ones let them just play but for the older ones give them a task. Facing and overcoming a challenge can be a great learning experience and the fact that it’s fun doesn’t hurt!

Thank you for stopping by and I encourage you to take a moment to look through the other projects shared in the blog hop. Come back later to see more too!

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