#WreathHOA Blogger Challenge: How To Make A Beach Wreath

A few weeks ago I was one of 19 bloggers given the challenge to get crafty with a Styrofoam Wreath Form from Floracraft. With all the rain and the chill in the air I wanted to make something that screamed summer so I came up with a Beach Wreath! Directly below is the how-to and after that are still shots of the finished product.

The Challenge may have ended today but you can head over to Crafty Hangouts and find links to all the hangouts or check out the linky below!

#wreathhoa @mvemother How to Make a Beach Wreath

@mvemother How to Make a Beach Wreath #summercrafts #summerwreath


  1. Hi Erin! I am so pinning your soup recipe! Hey thanks for being our guest poster for the Pinterest Party. It was fun checking out Creative Cynchonicity's pins! Have a great weekend!!!


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