Leprechaun Beards for the Wee Ones

I’ve been crazy with various issues the past few weeks so when the kids said they wanted to dress up like leprechauns I was all to eager to appease them. I mean seriously, is there a better way to beat the blues than a little bit of dress up? I wasn’t ambitious enough to sew costumes and none of the hats we came up with actually FIT their big ole noggins. But beards…I got that! – Erin

@mvemother Leprechaun Beards  #kidscraft #stpatsday

  • orange yarn
  • scissors
  • elastic hair bands (I used some Your Shape ones I’d gotten from a Houseparty)

@mvemother Supplies for Leprechaun Beards

Cut about 40 to 50 ten inch lengths of yarn.

Okay I looked it up…use a magnus hitch to attach the pieces of yarn to the hair band. I bet you didn’t know what it was called either did you? Here’s a picture.

@mvemother Making Leprechaun Beards #stpatsday
Then, let the kids have their fun!

@mvemother #stpatsday Beards #kidscraft@mvemother #craftingwithkids #Leprechauncraft #St. Patrick'sDay
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  1. Oh, my gosh--they probably had so much fun with these!


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