Epsom Salt Snowflakes

This time of year snowflakes means snow days, something even us homeschoolers can appreciate. To celebrate the sparkle of the season and the wonder of nature I wanted to make a craft I could hang in the house OR throughout the yard. - Erin

Epsom Salt Snowflakes

  • 3 Sticks from the yard
  • Craft Glue
  • Epsom Salt
  • White yarn
www.myveryeducatedmother.com Epsom Salt Snowflakes how to
Start off by covering both ends of the twigs with glue.
@mvemother Epsom Salt dipped twigs used to make snowflakes
Then dip them in the Epsom salt.
www.myveryeducatedmother.com Epsom Salt Twigs #crafting
Let them dry overnight.
www.myveryeducatedmother.com Twig and Epsom Salt Snowflakes
Lay out your snowflake (yes, I know it looks like a star, work with me) and cut a length of yarn.
www.myveryeducatedmother.com Twig Snowflakes
Criss cross two of the sticks and tie them together using an X pattern so that they stay perpendicular. Once they’re pretty secure add your third branch.
www.myveryeducatedmother.com Epsom Salt Snowflakes #crafts #snowflakes
Now all you have to do is grab a thumbtack and hang your snowflakes! OR if like me, you’ve spent the last couple weeks inside sick with the flu and colds, take your snowflakes outside and decorate your yard!


  1. I love the natural look of these snowflakes! and the Epsom salt adds that little bit of extra sparkle. :)


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