Book Spine Bookmarks

Recycled Book Spine Bookmarks

Last Wednesday, I participated in a Google+ #HolidayHangout with Cyn from Creative Cynchronicity. During it, I shared a super cute Book Spine Bookmark gift or table favor idea. I made it by combining a couple of ideas I’d seen via the web, this one and another I’ll mention later on.

I’m really in love with these bookmarks! They make perfect table favors, decorations, or gifts. Wouldn’t you want one of these decorating your Christmas present?

  • Old books
  • Scissors and/or X-Acto knife
  • felt
  • Fabric Fusion
  • Optional: string for tassel (I do not include instructions for making tassels)
  • fake pine garland
  • ribbons
  • glitter pipe cleaners
  • candy canes
(For starters, you could just watch the video I link to above. In addition to this craft, Cyn shares several really great projects, even some for the kids!)

Start by cutting the spine out of your old books…just the ones that we're headed for the recycle bin.

@mvemother Cutting out the book spines to make bookmarks
Trim a piece of felt the same size as the book spine.

@mvemother Using felt on Book Spine Bookmarks
Glue the felt and spine together using Fabric Fusion and let dry.

@mvemother Making Book Spine Bookmarks
Next, you’ll add the candy cane and trimmings! For those instructions, be sure to head over to SMC by Design, and she’ll give you the 411. Once everything is all together, you end up with a favor even the sourest of adults would love to get!

My Very Educated Mother: Book Spine Bookmark Christmas Favors
My Very Educated Mother: Book Spine Bookmark Favors


  1. Love the book spine gift. Don't think too many other people will be making them, I love different things to give as gifts. Very decorative also if a hanger put on back to hang in a good place, hang on tree, etc. So glad your friend shared this project.
    I'll have to watch for books to buy at thrift stores, yard sales, and library when they get rid of old books. A good project for next years gifts.

  2. Hi Erin,

    I just LOVE this project. What a great gift idea for my book-loving friends!

    Peace, Love & Joy,


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