*NUO* Origami Elf Boots

Today we are kicking off the No Ugly Ornament Series, literally, with this cute origami elf boot made by yours truly.

I love origami because it can be turned into cheap yet stylish ornaments you can personalize with your choice of paper and embellishments. It is easy enough for the kids to try but also gives grown-ups the opportunity to turn paper into truly beautiful pieces of art. I like to keep things simple, but there are no boundaries to the bling and shine you can use on your own creations.

@mvemother #Origami Elf Boot Ornaments #NUO2012
After many failed attempts to upload a video I’d made on how to fold your own elf boot I decided to share this link with you instead, Origami Make.  It includes very simple, step-by-step instructions along with patterns for hundreds of other items you can turn into your own origami ornaments.
  • This project doesn’t use the standard square sheet of paper most often needed in origami.  So instead I recommend cutting a 12”x 12” scrapbooking paper in half.  This way you can make a pair of matching ornaments.
  • I used a double-sided scrapbooking paper that was heavy like cardstock.  It made folding hard but not impossible.  If you chose to use a paper like this you just have to work the paper a little more and a bone folder is a must. 
  • To embellish my boots I added ribbon and a bell by simply hot gluing them on.

@mvemother Origami Elf Boot Ornament #NUO 2012
This is the first ornament of the No Ugly Ornament Series (#NUO2012), I hope that you’ll follow along as crafty bloggers visit and share their favorite ornament tutorials during the entire month of November.  


  1. Oh my gosh! These little paper boots are just adorable!
    Beautiful for the Christmas tree and I love the little bell and ribbon accents!
    Thanks for sharing this cute project!

  2. What a talented lady you are. Love the boots. Would love to try origami but I'm afraid I don't have the patience or manual dexterity.
    Your ornaments are great.

  3. Wow amazing what you can make with a piece of paper! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I have never seen an origami boot and this is adorable! I would make tons, well, maybe a dozen. :D Fun!

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    Your elf would be perfect as a holiday gift idea. Please join the link party at Homa Style. Here’s the link http://homastyle.com/wp/2012/10/31/simple-holiday-gift-ideas/ Hope to see you there!

  6. These are so adorable and unique! I'm pinning this right away! Thank you for the link to the instructions.

  7. These are so adorable and unique! I'm pinning this right away! Thank you for the link to the instructions.

  8. These aren't ugly - they're adorable and maybe I can get my daughter (who makes tons of origami cranes) to make me a few pairs of these!

  9. I love these ornaments! I just bought some Christmas-y paper that will be perfect for this!


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