*NUO* Vintage Candy Cane Ornament

Vintage DIY Christmas Ornament

When I saw this ornament from Shannon, I felt like a kid again; I love the simple, classic Christmas visions it evokes! –Erin

#NUO2012 Vintage Candy Cane Ornaments @SMCbyDesign 

I've decided I'd like a Christmas tree that is decorated with only red, white, and silver--bright and simple!  To test my bright red, white, and silver vision, I made a few ornaments.

This vintage Christmas card was my inspiration.

Vintage Card Inspiration @SMCbyDesign

These are the easiest ornaments in the world to make.  It takes a few inexpensive supplies and a hot glue gun.  Honestly, the most expensive part of this was the candy canes because I wanted to use the big fatties from Hammond's.  They make the most beautiful candy canes, and I thought they would look most like the card.  You can find them at specialty grocery stores and at Cost Plus.  The candy canes are $2.50, but the combined total of all the other supplies per ornament was less than 50 cents each.

This is what I used besides the candy cane:
A sprig from a Christmas floral.
Wired balls
Pre-made ribbons
Florist's wire
Ornament supplies @SMCbyDesign

I took these supplies and cut them into pieces. 

Ornament supplies @SMCbyDesign   2

Then I hot glued everything back together to imitate the Christmas card.

Vintage inspired Candy Cane ornaments @SMCbyDesign

I made a big loop and tied the florist's wire into a tight little knot.  Then I hot glued it like a madwoman onto the candy cane and the ribbon to act as a holder.   Voila!  They're super simple, and I love them! They would be just as cute with smaller candy canes and any color Christmas balls you wanted to use.  My ornaments will only be used for one year since the big Hammond's candy canes needed to be unwrapped and are a little bit sticky.  If you use the smaller shrink-wrapped candy canes, you could probably re-use them a few more times.  You can see I switched out the ball color and the type of evergreen on this one.

@SMCbyDesign #NUO2012 Vintage inspired Candy Cane Ornaments

Aren't they fun?  I think I could handle just these colors on my tree--no problem.  Maybe I'll work toward this, so when the kids take leave with their huge collections of ornaments in the next couple of years, I'll still have something to decorate the tree with!  Do you have a coordinated tree or a family tree?  Which do you love the most?

#NUO2012 Vintage Ornaments @SMCbyDesign

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  1. Thanks for letting me be a part of the No Ugly Ornaments Series 2012!

  2. Very sweet. I'd love if you came and hooked up at our linky party for Christmas Ornaments. Thanks, Linda


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