*NUO* Snowflake Ornament

Easy Felt Snowflake Ornaments

Yay!  Heather’s back, and this time she’s sharing a snowflake ornament you can make with your felt scraps. Love it! – Erin

Hello, My Very Educated Mother Readers! I'm Heather, the creative juice behind the screen at The Sewing Loft! Normally, you will find me there sharing fun tips, tricks, and easy patterns to help you "Reclaim" your creativity, one stitch at a time. I'm super flattered that Erin invited me back to be part of the No Ugly Ornaments Challenge. I guess that means you liked my mini trees from last year. This time, I'm sharing an easy snowflake ornament that can be made in a flash with little supplies. And I promise it will not be ugly!

Snowflake Ornament

  snowflake ornament - The Sewing Loft

This project is for sewers at all levels.
Skill Level- 1 Button
  • 5" x 6" felt
  • 10" of ribbon
  • sewing machine
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • glue
  • clothespins are optional
*Tip-a rotary cutter & self-healing mat will come in handy but not necessary. Scissors will work just fine.

Basic Instructions:
  1. Cut felt into strips. 2" wide and 4" wide.
  2. Fold the small strip in half width-wise and sandwich it inside the 4" strip. Fold in half and straight stitch along the long edge.
  3. At the very end of the strip, insert your folded ribbon between the layers and stitch.
  4. Cut stitched strips into 1/2" sections. 5 sections are needed to make 1 star ornament.
  5. Dab a dot of glue along the folded edge at the side, add a loop, and secure in place. Continue around to complete the star.
Snowflake Ornament - The Sewing Loft

Have fun playing with the size of the felt strips. You can create different shapes and patterns for your snowflake.

And did you "spy" that cute Christmas Tree Ornament tucked onto the package? Well, as an extra bonus today, I'm sharing the "how-to" on the blog. Word to the wise, if you thought the snowflake ornament was easy, you will love the tree version! Still want more fun ideas, then come find me on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest! I promise to keep you stitching in style.

That's a wrap for me. I hope you enjoyed my snowflake ornament and have a wonderful holiday season!


  1. These are great--really clever and cute. I would use these on a garland or as gift toppers too. Love!


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