*NUO* Sequin Ornaments

No Mess Sparkly Christmas Ornaments

Know what I like about these ornaments? Lots of sparkles but no mess! -Erin

I am so happy to be here today showing you how to make a fun Christmas ornament! It's fairly easy, so I would say anyone could do it. Let's get started!

You will need: Foam Balls * Sequins * Straight Pins * Hook
#NUO2012 Sequin Ornament

Choose the sequins you like and organize them like I have pictured above. If you are using multiple colors, this works the best!

Grab a straight pin and start stacking your sequins on it. Carefully push them into the foam ball. That's it! I used an industrial size hook to make it look really sturdy. This craft is great because you can put initials on it, colors to perfectly match your home decor, or give them a personalized gift to someone you love. IF you watch your kids, they are able to do this also. It's fun to see what kind of design they come up with.

When you are done, it will look like this.

#NUO2012 Sequin Ornament

How pretty!

Thanks so much for checking out my ornament. Make sure and catch up with me in all of these places (look below :)

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