*NUO* Glittered Seashells

Glittered Seashell Ornaments

Um, Karah gets to celebrate Christmas in the Caribbean…excuse me as I wallow in jealousy. :) Erin

Hi, y'all!! I'm Karah and blog at the space between, and I'm thrilled to be here today to show you some of the easiest ... and thriftiest (one of my favorite things) ... DIY ornaments around. Thank you so much to Erin for having me!!

Glittered Seashells

It just so happens that I live on a Caribbean island! So even though it's November and we're talkin' holiday decor. I just can't stray too far away from anything related to the beach. And how fun to turn a few free finds into Christmas tree ornaments, right!?!?

Here's a pic of me and my girls at one of our favorite beaches ... just to help put you in the warm weather Christmas craftin' kinda mood. :)

All you need for this project are seashells, ribbon, glitter, and glue or mod podge. For tools, you'll need a drill and concrete drill bit.

Project instructions: Drill a hole, glue on some glitter, add a red ribbon hanger, and voila. :)


Now, the drilling was not foolproof. There were quite a few shell (and even one drill bit) casualties in the process. I ended up using a drill bit intended for drilling concrete. It worked to get through the shells, but sometimes the little suckers still just fell apart.

After drilling, I brushed watered down glue around the shells' edge and just coated it with glitter.
Super simple. And just the right amount of bling to turn basic natural items into ornaments for our rustic driftwood Christmas tree.


I also took a few shells that weren't the pretty white color, painted them red, and glittered them for a few more coastal Christmas touches.


While doing this process, I also realized I could use glue and glitter to cover up some bauble blemishes. Check out how I not only used glitter but sand to upgrade a few old baubles to look new here.

And see 11 of my very own DIY ornament ideas here ... I know, if they're easy enough for me to do, your versions will be even better!! And they're all gonna be inexpensive because I'm cheap thrifty. :)

Thank you so much for reading about my easy DIY glittered seashell ornaments. If you like reading about easy upcycle ideas and different ways to use things you find at the beach or in the garbage (no dumpster diving shame here!), it'd be great to see you over at the space between.

Happy Holidays to YOU!!


  1. Uh yeah, it was only 40 for the high here today. Last week I was wearing shorts. That's CO weather for ya. Down in teens out here at night, using 4 quilts on bed and flannel jammies you can bet. Ah well that's what I get for moving away from San Diego a few years ago.
    Love her girls, so cute.
    The shells are great ornaments, would work really well in San Diego.
    I know we're not supposed to be envious of other people but come on give me a break, lol. Happy Week

  2. Woo Hoo!!! So fun to be a part of this series, so sorry for my delayed follow up. When it gets cold in the north we start getting a lot of visitors here in the south. :) Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the series.

  3. So creative and love that you use what you have lying around 'naturally'!


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