*NUO* Gem Icicle Ornaments

Easy DIY Gem Christmas Ornament

This elegant ornament from Jessica will leave you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” -Erin

Dollar Store Gem Icicle Ornaments

Hello, everyone!  I am Jessica from Mad in Crafts, and I am thrilled to be guest posting as part of the No Ugly Ornaments series.

I have seen pins for mirror ornaments you can hang inside your tree to reflect your string lights to create more sparkle.  I wondered if there was a way to create decorative ornaments that could do the same thing without being hidden deep inside the tree.  These Gem Icicle Ornaments will up your tree’s sparkle factor while adding a cool, icy touch!

icicle ornament materials
To make Reflective Gem Icicle Ornaments, you will need:
dollar store gems
floral wire
floral snips
low-temp hot glue gun*
low-temp hot glue
*I recommend using a low-temp gun because you WILL get hot glue on your fingers for this project.

faceted dollar store gems
Dollar Tree sells these craft gems in a few different colors.  In addition to the faceted gem side, which reflects light in multiple directions, the flip side is mirrored!  They are perfect for this project.

Begin by using your floral snips to cut a 4-inch length of floral wire.  Starting at one end of the length of wire, put a dab of hot glue ON THE WIRE.  Set the hot glued wire down onto the gem, and quickly set another gem of the same size on top of the glue.  You need to move quickly because the low-temp glue sets quickly!  I tried various techniques, which was the easiest way to get the line of gems started.

Continue sandwiching gems up the length of the wire, adding larger gems as you go.

After your gems are attached, you can bend the leftover wire into a hook.  Instant ornament!

jewel icicle ornaments
The icicle ornaments catch the light beautifully.  You can use them in place of garland or tinsel, or you can tuck them inside the tree to reflect your lights.

I made a few of the icicles using the blue gems as well.  They don’t reflect the light quite as well as the white ones, but they do add some bold gem-tones to your decorating!

crystal icicle ornament
I think these icicles would be lovely on a tree, hanging from some silvery branches, or hanging from the edge of a decorated mantel.

branch with icicle ornaments
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Thanks for having me over today, Erin.  This series has really gotten me excited for all of my Christmas decorating, not to mention adding a few projects to my to-make list!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Now THESE I am LIKIN'! I am imagining yards of them draped over anything that will hold still for some Yuletide BLING!


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