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*NUO* Christmas Vignette Ornament

Christmas Vignette Ornament

I looked up a vignette for the record, and this sparkling little beauty fits the bill in more ways than one. -Erin 

When I started this year’s No Ugly Ornament Series, I had no idea what to expect. This was the first time I’d ever had guest posters, and quite honestly, I constantly questioned how I managed to get such talented bloggers to share their stuff on my little blog. I thought for sure there must have been a misunderstanding and at any minute I’d get the e-mail saying, “Sorry…” But guess what? That message never came and this past month has left me completely humbled by the friends and relationships made through blogging and reminded of the positive effects of connecting with like-minded folks.  Thank You all, and I hope you’ll stop by again next year!

Now for the final ornament…

I was torn on what to name it. Christmas Figurines in a Toilet Paper Rolls seemed too descriptive, but it does explain things quite well. The idea behind this ornament has been on my mind since last year, and it’s taken all that time for me to finally make the darn thing. Of course, now that it’s done, I don’t know what kept me from making them sooner. They’re super easy and have a retro feel I just love.  

Supplies  (Alternative supplies in italics)
  • toilet paper rolls  or ribbon spools
  • vintage miniature Christmas or winter figurines or check your local Dollar Tree
  • Tinsel like ribbon/trim or small garland
  • Fake snow or cotton balls
  • white paint
  • glitter
  • glue
  • hot glue and gun
  • paintbrush
  • upholstery needle and thread



I started out by cutting the toilet paper roll into 1-inch segments with pinking shears.

Next, I went ahead and strung the ornament using the needle and thread.

Then I painted the inside and outside with a mixture of white paint and white glitter. Honestly, the glitter wasn’t really needed, but I wanted to make sure it was sparkly. I left one ornament unpainted and opted for green glitter to make it more ‘nature-like.’

Once the paint was dry, I painted a layer of glue on the inside and dipped the entire ornament into the fake snow.

#NUO2012 Retro Christmas Ornaments

Word to the wise…don’t buy this product. Why? Remember long ago when you’d rip open the newest Pearl Jam cd, and there’d always be one or two pieces of plastic wrapping that’d stick to your hand, hair, clothes, whatever, and it wouldn’t go away? Well, someone thought it would be an awesome idea to gather up all those annoying little pieces of plastic, stick them in a bag, and put a price tag on it so idiots like me would come along and buy it. Don’t be like me.

Fake snow product

Despite the mess that is still all over the tablecloth, it did look good, so maybe you should buy a bag, but wait until it’s on clearance.

#NUO2012 Christmas Scene Ornaments

With the insides looking like a frosty winter scene, it’s time to add the sparkle to the outside by hot gluing the tinsel ribbon around the tube.

#NUO20212 Christmas Ornaments

For real, I’m just completely in love with these guys; I want to make more and more of them!  In fact, I’m going to be using the empty ribbon roll to make a larger ornament with a more complete scene in it. I’ll share that one on Facebook when I’m done, be sure to check it out!

#NUO2012 Retro Figurines in Christmas Ornaments

And now it’s time for a few more pictures…

#NUO2012 Vintage Deer Christmas Ornament
#NUO2012 Winking Snowman Christmas Ornament

Erin Sipes
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*NUO* Fuzzy Christmas Owls

Fuzzy Christmas Owl Ornament

It’s not Christmas around our house unless there’s an owl on the tree! Love these ones by Emily. –Erin

#NUO2012 Fuzzy Christmas Owl Ornaments

I  was so excited when Erin from over at My Very Educated Mother contacted me to be involved with her " No Ugly ornament " Series over on her blog.  That started me thinking about what I wanted to make.  Maybe my idea of not ugly is someone else's idea of very ugly! Hmm.... what to do?

I was surfing around the net one day when I came across this image from Lilian Vernon.

It was so cute and so simple I knew I could redo it myself and make it more cuddly and warm for the holidays. I have a new interest in felt over the past year, so I went off in search of a felt ball or something round I could cover with felt.  But then I went to Target and found these sweater ball ornaments for $3 apiece. Perfect!  Done and done.  It wasn't felt, but it was sweater material, so that worked for me.

I started to sketch out what colors should go where since I knew I wanted to be all Christmas colors.  I bought my felt and was ready to go.

I tried to freehand some circles, but that ended in disaster. If you can do that, more power to ya.  I found a pill bottle ( for the eye circles),  a nickel ( for the smaller eye circle), and a princess cup ( for the wings), which I then switched out for a Ziploc container when I realized it would be too small:) I set them up on the felt and cut my circles.

Cut out your circles and make sure they look ok when they are lying on top of each other.  I did freehand the little beaks and feet.  The feet on the other version were just too hard for me to pull off.

Slowly start hot gluing them ( or whatever way sounds good to you)  onto your circle.  I did this very slowly, so I was sure where everything was going.

#NUO2012 Fuzzy Christmas Owl Ornaments 2

When I got to the wings, I wasn't sure how to approach them.  I decided to take my large circle, cut it in half, and then overlap them together like a wing or feathers might look. It gave me a smooth look I was going for.

#NUO2012 Fuzzy Christmas Owl Ornaments 3

#NUO2012 Fuzzy Christmas Owl Ornaments 4

I decided to make two owls, one for each girl.  They are so cute and fuzzy. I love them.

#NUO2012 Fuzzy Christmas Owl Ornaments 5

#NUO2012 Fuzzy Christmas Owl Ornaments 6

#NUO2012 Fuzzy Christmas Owl Ornaments 7

The tree here at our house is nothing but homemade or store-bought but with a purpose.  I try to buy/make things that the girls are into every year around this time. It's like a time capsule to look back on.  My mom did the same thing for me, and I love passing on the tradition. The girls get at least one new ornament a year that  I will pass on to them when they get their own place someday.

By the way..... I'm Emily, and I have a little blog called Entirely Emily where I talk about anything and everything. I get my craft on, take some pics, and show you around my hometown, Saint Louis.  I hope you'll stop by.

Erin Sipes
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*NUO* Paper Starburst Ornaments

Christmas Ornament Paper Starburst

I’ve seen paper stars, but this is a new one for me, so I had to give it a try. Scroll to the bottom and check it out! -Erin

*NUO* Paper Starburst Ornaments

Hi there! I'm Cyn from Creative Cynchronicity, and I'm so excited to be taking part in the No Ugly Ornament series. This paper starburst is one of my all-time favorite ornaments to make. Let's get started!

1 - You can use scrapbooking paper, recycled paper such as from a book, or, as I am here, a 6-inch square origami paper. A very light cardstock may work too, but anything heavier than that tends to buckle as you start making your folds. You might want to experiment by making one of the shapes and seeing if it works before cutting all the squares.

 2 - For the ornament, I'm cutting these 6-inch squares into four 3 inch squares. You can work with other sizes too - smaller squares for smaller ornaments or even larger squares to make it into a starburst mini photo album.

3 - Both sides of the paper will show, so you need to bear that in mind. I'm working with double-sided paper because I like the contrast. You can even do some rubber stamping or add photographs to personalize your ornament.

4 - I laid the square red side up and folded it in half. You want to make good crisp folds.

5 - Open up the folded square and fold it in the other direction.

6 - Open the square up.

7 - Flip it over to the other side (so you can see, this time, I have it gold side up).

8 - Fold it in half diagonally.

9 - Open up the square again with the side you had facing up in the first step (in this case, red) face up.

10 - Allowing it to naturally follow the folds that you've made, press and crease the folds so that you've formed a smaller square that folds out into the bigger one. I always think it looks like a mouth at this point.

11 - Make more of these shapes. How many you will need depends on the thickness of the paper, how big your squares are, and how full you want the starburst. I find that 6-8 is generally what I need for most of the ornaments I make. I used 6 this time. I started some with the red side facing up and some with the gold side facing up. Whatever color is facing up when you begin will become the color on the inside of the "mouth" shape.

12 - Start gluing your shapes together. Glue a loop of ribbon between the first two to form a hanger for the ornament. My preferred glue for this is Aleene's Tacky Glue-stick. You can use liquid glue, but some thinner papers, such as some used for origami, I find it makes the paper buckle. Beacon's 3 in 1 is often a good alternative there. Important note: This ribbon loop needs to come out from the side of the "open mouths."
13 - Continue gluing your shapes to each side of the ribbon loop so that you have an even number on each side. Be sure that the "mouth" is opening out in the same direction for each shape.

14 - Glue a piece of ribbon onto each of the end pieces. I usually start with pieces about 6 inches long and then trim them down from there once I'm happy with how they tie.
15 - When you make the two endpapers "kiss," you'll be able to tie your two strips of ribbon together to form the starburst. Hang it from the ribbon loop, and you've got a lovely ornament for your tree!

16 - One of the things I love best about this ornament is that you can fold it right up, tie the strips of ribbon to hold it in place, and you've got a relatively flat little gift that you can include in a Christmas card. It's a nice way to add a special touch to your cards without costing more in postage!

You can read more from Cyn at her blog Creative Cynchronicity, or you can keep up with her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. 

As promised, here is what my finished product looked like! Don't you wanna pin it? –Erin

Erin Sipes
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*NUO* Sequin Ornaments

No Mess Sparkly Christmas Ornaments

Know what I like about these ornaments? Lots of sparkles but no mess! -Erin

I am so happy to be here today showing you how to make a fun Christmas ornament! It's fairly easy, so I would say anyone could do it. Let's get started!

You will need: Foam Balls * Sequins * Straight Pins * Hook
#NUO2012 Sequin Ornament

Choose the sequins you like and organize them like I have pictured above. If you are using multiple colors, this works the best!

Grab a straight pin and start stacking your sequins on it. Carefully push them into the foam ball. That's it! I used an industrial size hook to make it look really sturdy. This craft is great because you can put initials on it, colors to perfectly match your home decor, or give them a personalized gift to someone you love. IF you watch your kids, they are able to do this also. It's fun to see what kind of design they come up with.

When you are done, it will look like this.

#NUO2012 Sequin Ornament

How pretty!

Thanks so much for checking out my ornament. Make sure and catch up with me in all of these places (look below :)

Make sure to check out my blog www.jaderbomb.com for some FUN Christmas tutorials... See ya in the next post.

Erin Sipes
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*NUO* Vintage Candy Cane Ornament

Vintage DIY Christmas Ornament

When I saw this ornament from Shannon, I felt like a kid again; I love the simple, classic Christmas visions it evokes! –Erin

#NUO2012 Vintage Candy Cane Ornaments @SMCbyDesign 

I've decided I'd like a Christmas tree that is decorated with only red, white, and silver--bright and simple!  To test my bright red, white, and silver vision, I made a few ornaments.

This vintage Christmas card was my inspiration.

Vintage Card Inspiration @SMCbyDesign

These are the easiest ornaments in the world to make.  It takes a few inexpensive supplies and a hot glue gun.  Honestly, the most expensive part of this was the candy canes because I wanted to use the big fatties from Hammond's.  They make the most beautiful candy canes, and I thought they would look most like the card.  You can find them at specialty grocery stores and at Cost Plus.  The candy canes are $2.50, but the combined total of all the other supplies per ornament was less than 50 cents each.

This is what I used besides the candy cane:
A sprig from a Christmas floral.
Wired balls
Pre-made ribbons
Florist's wire
Ornament supplies @SMCbyDesign

I took these supplies and cut them into pieces. 

Erin Sipes
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*NUO* Gem Icicle Ornaments

Easy DIY Gem Christmas Ornament

This elegant ornament from Jessica will leave you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” -Erin

Dollar Store Gem Icicle Ornaments

Hello, everyone!  I am Jessica from Mad in Crafts, and I am thrilled to be guest posting as part of the No Ugly Ornaments series.

I have seen pins for mirror ornaments you can hang inside your tree to reflect your string lights to create more sparkle.  I wondered if there was a way to create decorative ornaments that could do the same thing without being hidden deep inside the tree.  These Gem Icicle Ornaments will up your tree’s sparkle factor while adding a cool, icy touch!

icicle ornament materials
To make Reflective Gem Icicle Ornaments, you will need:
dollar store gems
floral wire
floral snips
low-temp hot glue gun*
low-temp hot glue
*I recommend using a low-temp gun because you WILL get hot glue on your fingers for this project.

faceted dollar store gems
Dollar Tree sells these craft gems in a few different colors.  In addition to the faceted gem side, which reflects light in multiple directions, the flip side is mirrored!  They are perfect for this project.

Erin Sipes
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*NUO* Washi Tape Ornaments

Easy Washi Tape Ornaments Personalized

I have got a confession, I’ve yet to craft with Washi tape, but thanks to Heidi, it’s on my ‘must-try’ list! -Erin

Hi everyone! I'm Heidi from Mom's Crafty Space, and I'm so excited to be here today as part of the No Ugly Ornament series.

Each year my three boys and I decorate a special Christmas tree for their playroom covered entirely in homemade ornaments. This year they wanted to use washi tape (my favorite crafting supply!) to create personalized monogram ornaments, and I was happy to oblige.

I started by cutting some initials out of a recycled manilla file folder. I used my Silhouette to make quick work of it, but you could easily cut these out with an Xacto knife as well.

Cover the front of your initial with pieces of tape - we used a simple stripe pattern for our ornaments, but I think a patchwork of washi tape would also look really lovely.
Erin Sipes
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*NUO* Glittered Snowflake Ornaments

Glittered Snowflake Ornaments

Love the sparkle of these snowflakes from Crystal! -Erin

Hi everyone, I'm Crystal from A Pumpkin and A Princess. I'm a SAHM to three cuties, wife to one amazing guy, and a crafting obsessed blogger. On my blog, I enjoy sharing quick, easy, and budget-friendly creative ideas. 

I'm excited to be here today, sharing an easy ornament as part of Erin's No Ugly Ornament series!

 #NUO2012 Glittered Wooden Snowflake Ornaments
I found some wood laser cut ornaments at World Market last month and knew I wanted to customize them to fit my decor. My style is effortless, with a little bit of shine. I love the metallic trend, so naturally, my unfinished wood ornament needed a little glitter.

#NUO2012 Supplies for Glittered Snowflake
For the ornament, I used Martha Stewart metallic paint and fine glitter in sterling. I painted the ornament then added the glitter on top. I didn't bother using an adhesive, but you could let the paint dry then add the glitter with glittering glue.

Erin Sipes
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