Glow In the Dark Dia De Los Muertos Skulls

@mvemother Glow in the Dark Day of the Dead Skulls

Last week I shared a teaser for my Glow in the Dark Map using Puffy Paint Glow I mentioned then that colorful Day of the Dead skulls would be another fun project using this product.  Contrary to what my meouffy Paint isn’t just for fabric crafts.  These Dia de los Muertos skulls are a quick and easy craft and a must-have for any hallowed holiday mantel! 

@mvemother Day of the Dead SkullsSupplies

  • Skulls: I nabbed a couple at the local resale show, but I’m quite certain you can also find them at the Dollar Store.
  • Spray Paint: I went with a white base but you can chose any color.
  • Puffy Paint Glow: I recommend the multi-pak so that you have lots of color options.


I always feel silly writing directions when I’m sure you can look at the skulls and figure out what I did.  Oh, well, here goes.

Spray paint your skulls.

@mvemother Glow in the Dark Day of the Dead Skulls2

Get creative with the Puffy Paint, using dots, lines, swirls, etc.

@mvemother Glow in the Dark Day of the Dead Skulls3

Personally I like to keep the designs symmetrical. 

@mvemother Glow in the Dark Day of the Dead Skulls4

Work a little bit at a time and don’t be surprised if you get to a point where you have to let it dry before you can finish.  Once you’ve got all your design work done let them dry for up to 4-5 hours.  I made mine in the evening so that they could dry overnight.

@mvemother Glow in the Dark Day of the Dead Skulls5@mvemother Glow in the Dark Day of the Dead Skulls6@mvemother Glow in the Dark Day of the Dead Skulls7@mvemother Glow in the Dark Dia de los Muertos Skulls@mvemother glow-in-the-dark Dia de los Muertos Skulls

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  1. Oh, my gosh--these are a hoot!
    I honestly love them. It might help that I dig Dia de los Muertos, but these are fun!

  2. These are great! So festive, and easy to make.

  3. Great skulls! I love sugar skulls! My skull projects: and Have a great day! Liz


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