Fold Top Snack Bags

This August marked the beginning of our second year of homeschooling.  Last year we spent a lot of time sitting at the dining room table trying to find our groove, this year we’ve been spending that time in the mini-van taxiing around to our various activities.  While we’re out of the house I don’t like to eat out too much so we’ve been brown bagging it whenever we can. 

These fold-top snack bags have been wonderful!  On top of being eco-friendly and handy for snacks, they also make great bags to hold ice packs. Vin has learned to ride a bike, need I say more? I actually shared these about a year ago over on Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night and I thought it was high time I shared them here too! 

@mvemother Fold Top Snack Bags

Fold-Top Snack Bags


  • 2    18” x 7” rectangles of fabric (contrasting works best)
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron


Start off by sewing both pieces together along one of the 7” sides. Turn and press seam.

@mvemother Fold Top Snack Bag 2
Fold the sewn edge over the contrasting material approximately 2” as illustrated in the photo below.  Pin in place.

@mvemother Fold Top Snack Bag 3
Now the unsewn edges are going to be brought up, 2 to 3” above that 2” fold.   The pictures explain this much better than I can.

@mvemother Fold Top Snack Bag 4
First I pulled the back, purple, piece up, see above. (Sorry, I couldn’t get this picture to adjust.)

@mvemother Fold Top Snack Bag 5
Then I pulled the top piece up and over the fold I pinned into place until it met the other unsewn 7” side.  The right sides of each piece of material should be facing.

Once everything is lined up, pin in place and sew along the sides; do not sew along the 7” sides, these will be the top of the bag.

@mvemother Fold Top Snack Bag 6
Flip the bag right side out and sew shut the top opening.

@mvemother Fold Top Snack Bag 7
@mvemother Fold Top Snack Bag 8
There you have it!  A fold-top snack bag that’s good for you and good for the Earth!

@mvemother Fold Top Snack Bag 9
@mvemother Fold Top Snack Bag 10


  1. Perfect bag - love that it is a quick easy project!
    ~Amy @ Permanent Kisses

  2. Hi. Visiting from the Shabby Creek Cottage. These are great and a lot easier to use than others I have seen with velcro fasteners. I really like the fold top. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Those are really nicely done. They are so straight and perfect in the first photo I thought they were made out of paper. This is such an eco-smart project--love it!


  4. So lovely!!! Love polka dots fabric! Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! I'd love for you to visit my blog.
    Happy week!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  5. These are sweet, and I actually think I could make them! Thanks for sharing

  6. Nice! I love that theres no zipper to worry about and its totally machine washable. Great job!

  7. Love these!! I send lunches everyday and these would be perfect and fun!

  8. I just made one of these awsome snack bags! I used iron on vinyl for the inside fabric so i can just wipe it out. I absolutely love it and cant wait to use it for my daughter!

  9. I just made this and I love it!! Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas <3 I love that theres no velcro and the extrs lip on the opening so the snackies dont fall out! Thank You!!


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