Halloween Paper Twist Trees

In an effort to shake off a creative slump I’ve been purging my crafty stash and this is the first project using the piles and piles of paper twists that have been sitting on the floor since the day I bought them, for a steal I might add.  I used black, keeping in the spirit of Halloween, but you could use any color to create a holiday theme or to match your d├ęcor.


  • black paper twists (I used one 12’ roll for this tree.)
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • electrical tape
  • plastic bottle lids
  • beads


I started out by cutting the paper roll into 12 inch sections.  I also went ahead and cut off pieces of the tape to make things easier.

@mvemother Halloween Paper Twist Trees 1

Next is the fun part, just start taping the twists together until you’ve got a pretty good trunk started.

@mvemother Halloween Paper Twist Trees 2

Now work your way up the trunk, twisting and taping together the paper.

@mvemother Halloween Paper Twist Trees 3

To make the branches, unroll a twist, cut down the length of the unrolled paper-creating a Y, and then re- twist the two new branches.  If you want your branches to be different try cutting the unrolled twist into thirds or fourths of varying length before rolling them back up.  Just keep in mind you don’t want to split it up so much that you have nothing left to twist up.

@mvemother Halloween Paper Twist Trees 4

It is a little time consuming but it still took me less than an hour to make the branches on this tree.

@mvemother Halloween Paper Twist Trees 5

Once you’re done you’ve got to work on a base.  Now, I toyed with the idea of putting this into some kind of cup, but when I couldn’t find what I was looking for I decided to just use old plastic caps and create a stand instead.

@mvemother Halloween Paper Twist Trees 6

Start off with a small lid and hot glue your trunk to the top of it.  I tried to glue it to the inside of the lid but it wouldn’t hold.  I went ahead and wrapped tape around this first lid but you can wait until all of them are in place before wrapping it.

@mvemother Halloween Paper Twist Trees 7

First it was a soda lid and then came the PowerAde lid.

@mvemother Halloween Paper Twist Trees 8

Finally I added on a lid from a container of pectin and then began wrapping them all with electric tape.

@mvemother Halloween Paper Twist Trees 9

In a rush to use up some more of my stash I added little black nubbins (Is that a word?) to the trunk.  I think it would’ve been just as well without them.  I also think it’d have been a better idea to go ahead and tape up the entire trunk.

@mvemother Halloween Paper Twist Trees 10

And there you have it, a paper twist tree perfect to incorporate into your Halloween vignettes.  If the electrical tape bothers you, like it does me, try holding the twists together with rubber bands and then carefully gluing it together with a hot glue gun, one branch at a time.

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@mvemother Halloween Paper Twist Trees 11


  1. Now that is a great Halloween tree! You are so clever! Someone gave me a roll of like 2,000 ft.(you read that right!) of this stuff, except it's all brown or natural colored. Do you think I could paint it black?? I love this project!

  2. Nubbins is totally a word! And I'm glad someone else uses it bedsides me sometimes I even say Nubbies! I have to tell my hubby. Great tree. I was sitting here thinking about my Halloween mantle and what the heck I'm goign to do.

  3. What an awesome Halloween project. I'm a little OCD though I would definitely need to hide the tape because that is already bothering me, lol.

  4. Erin, did you know that you have become a "no-reply" blogger? It happens sometimes when you use link your blog to google+. Just wanted to let you know. I wanted to email you and say thanks for visiting my blog and saying nice things about my pallet project!

  5. Okay...I'm testing to see if I'm still a no-reply...think I fixed it but not sure.

  6. That is perfectly halloween :) Yay for creativity! Two thumbs up, Erin. xo, Kelly

  7. Just saw this at Shabby Creek Cottage and I LOVE IT! Pinned!

  8. This so cute! I love that it has that shabby chic quality and isn't too gimicky.

    If you get a chance come link up your tutorial at my Fall Edition Pin Party.



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