Summer of Science: Erosion Part 2

Today we’re finishing up our erosion experiments in our Summer of Science series and looking at how water can erode rock and soil.  Next month we’re going to be examining Weather, visit our Summer of Science page for a schedule of what we’ll be studying.

Erosion Experiment



  • Hotel size bar of soap
  • faucet


Place the bar of soap in the sink directly below the faucet and set the water flow to a trickle.  Let it sit there for an hour.   We placed our soap on an overturned measuring cup so it wouldn’t slide away but a sponge or dishrag would probably work better.

Eroding water 

By the time your buzzer buzzes you should have a hole in your soap, if not there should be a pretty good indention. 

water eroding soap

If we left the soap there eventually it would dissolve away completely.  Just like tiny particles of sand, the water’s constant hitting of the rocks is slowly eroding away tiny particles.

Run Away Water

water erosion


  • plastic cup
  • straw cut in half
  • Play-Doh or modeling clay
  • sand and/or dirt
  • flat plastic container
  • cup (or in our case teapot) of water


Cut a hole into the bottom of your cup and insert the straw, sealing it up around the edges with the clay. 

Water Erosion experimentwater eroding soil experiment

Place the dirt in the container and watch video for rest of instruction.

After watching this video it’s easy to see how to make this experiment.  Take it outside, use a cookie sheet and put it on an incline…if only I’d read all the instructions to begin with!

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