Summer of Science: Earth’s Layers

Learning doesn’t have to end with the school year especially when there are easy and fun science projects out there to try.  So this summer, every Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll be sharing a science experiment as part of our Summer of Science Series.  We hope these quick and simple lessons help you keep the little minds in your house discovering new facts about the world around them!

Okay I screwed up…I had everything planned out to first learn WHAT the Earth was made of BEFORE we talked about rotation and revolution.  Unfortunately I got a week ahead of myself on the calendar but things are back on track and in this experiment we’re learning about the layers of the Earth.

As with any lesson, we started with discussion about the different layers of the Earth.  My Schoolhouse has a short a sweet run through of the layers and also talks about their temperatures (which we’ll be looking at more in depth on the next project). Also, Have Fun Teaching has a couple of worksheets on their site you might want to go along with the lesson as well.

There’s no real element of fun until you bring out the Play-doh and start making your own Earth. 

Play-doh Earthscience experiment with planetsrolling on the Earth's crustCutting into the play-doh to see the layersScience Experiment Earth's Layers


I’m sincerely surprised every time I do an activity like this with the kids.  Even though they watched me, and helped, but these layers together they were still amazed at what they saw when we cut into their Play-doh planets. In fact, they went on to make an entire galaxy of planets! 

Here it is the magical link to our Summer of Science homepageVisit it to see past experiments and what’s coming up on the calendar!


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