Desktop Terrariums - Teacher Appreciation Week

Thrift Store Terrarium

Terrariums, of all sizes, are seriously trending right now and while I normally try to stay off the bandwagon the gift possibilities with this one were just too much to ignore.
For the past month or so the kids have been attending art, music, and P.E. classes at a local center.  Unlike previous semesters, the classes this go around are much smaller, much, much, much smaller.  Still, the lessons go on, thanks to three dedicated teachers.  In an effort to show my appreciation, I threw together these quick and cute terrariums.  

Desktop Terrarium

Desktop Terrariums

  • small glass vessel ( Before I found these vase/votive/? containers at the local resale shop, I was going to use brandy sniffers.)
  • rocks
  • sand
  • potting soil
  • moss
  • flower of your choice
  • shells
  • googly eyes
  • toothpick
  • labels
  • hot glue gun


Layer the rock, sand, and then potting soil into the bottom of the container. 
In the center of the container, plant your flower.  I used marigolds that had been growing for a few weeks now.  If you plan ahead of time you could just plant a seed.

Terrarium with moss and marigolds

Cover the rest of the potting soil, around the flower, with moss.
Once everything is in place, give it a good misting with water.

Watering the Terrariums

Terrariums instantly make me think of the giant plastic one my grandparents had and when I think of it I think of seashells with googly eyes.  I don’t know why, maybe it’s a 70’s thing, who knows.

Seashells with googly eyes

For the little clams, I just hot glued two shells together, leaving the ‘mouth’ open just a little bit.  Then came the googly eyes.

I admit my banners are very sad looking, I think I’m going to redo them right now.  I just used a regular label, cut it in the length I wanted, wrote “Thank You!” on it, wrapped it around the toothpick and viola!

Be sure to visit Angie over at The Country Chic Cottage for a week’s worth of Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas!

Teacher Appreciation Terrariums

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  1. that's a cute idea! How fun are the little clams with the googly eyes.

  2. Very cute!

    -Erin Spain
    DIY On the Cheap

  3. i just bought me one to give to my mom...thinking i needed to make one for myself. thanks for the how to!


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